Sunday, July 23, 2017

Trump is so crazy and unconventional that Comedians are the best defense against Trump worldwide

Often politicians would like to defend America against Trump but their political careers get in the way. Once politicians watched what Trump did to Jeb Bush for example, they were horrified and you could see them pull back in horror at Trump's tactics. This was not only Republicans but to some degree
Democrats too. They all found themselves defenseless against what might be called "Little Boy" tactics that Trump still uses at age 70 and gets away with it because he is a billionaire.

So, for a politician to go against Trump directly (Republican or Democrat) might be political suicide. But, for a comedian to go against Trump will always be supported by the majority of people in America. And for a comedian is only going to make that comedian more and more money and help that comedian be more and more successful. (except when they go too far and show a picture of Trump beheaded) or something like that.

Trump's supporters (all 36% more or less of them) are racist and White and Republican almost without exception. They do not represent all races or all religions at all in America.

They are ONLY White, Only Christian and Mostly Southern in nature. So, to some degree the same types of people who supported Robert E. Lee to keep slavery in the Civil War are Trump's most ardent supporters.

So, you can see why Putin would support Trump too because he is also a white racist Fascist dictator in his thinking too.

So, the people who support Trump often don't believe in democracy because for them it is more important that White people have all the power and all the governmental authority in their hands than let democracy rule this country.

So, you see Trump and his followers very very active in voter suppression in all 50 states right now and likely through the 2018 and 2020 elections (if they can get away with it)! So, if they can get away with it no one but White Republicans will have their votes counted.

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