Saturday, July 1, 2017

"We are all HEALING"

Since I had a healing (by the Grace of God) a few weeks ago I have had some time to think about all this.

I realized in conjunction with Master Angels being involved with my own healing that the main reason I'm being healed is so I can facilitate your healing too. IN other words as we become capable of helping the angels heal others our own healing is speeds up exponentially.

In understanding this it is in your Enlightened Self Interest to not only facilitate your own healing but the healing of all others of God's Children as well.

As I thought about this more one way is to become a generator of healing. Maybe the first step (for the truly ill would be to say as a mantra or ongoing prayer:

"I am Healing"

 over and over as needed while realizing it is being accomplished. For example, if you want to go to the store you get in your car or truck and drive to the store. If you want healing you believe you are being healed in all ways while running energy for Angels to actually be around you 24 hours a day.

The next step would be the mantra:

 "We are all healing"

while you are experiencing all beings on earth (and the whole universe if you wish) being healed ongoing.

There is very great joy from this if it is done right because you are actually experiencing your healing and the healing of your family and friends and you are also experiencing the healing of everyone as you walk by them on the street.

One thing though that might or might not be useful to your experience and visualization of all this manifesting 24 hours a day through you and to all beings:

Some people need to experience this overflowing from yourself as a cup or goblet into the auras of everyone else around you. Other people see each person as individuals as they "Pray" for the healing of everyone while they experience the God Selves of each person actually doing the healing. Each of us is different in how we actually perceive reality. So, each of us must create our own covenant with God and universal healing.

However, let me just say this: "If you are not healing psychologicaly, mentally, emotionally,physically and spiritually" then you are dying.

This is a given for every person: "You are either healing in all ways or you are dying in all ways 24 hours a day."

So, if you want to be useful to yourself and all beings 24 hours a day what I'm giving you here is incredibly useful not only to your individual health and longevity but also to everyone's health and longevity as well.

By God's Grace

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