Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wilderness areas in Oregon

While waiting for my daughters' apartment to be ready for college we are visiting the wilderness areas of Oregon around Mt. Hood. I stood transfixed today with a remarkable meadow I viewed with a kayakable stream going through the middle of it. I would be hard pressed to find anything like this in California even though it is possible. Though eventually a car or two stopped open mouthed at this site mostly we were alone with this spectacular place with all the birds and insects making their noises in sweet summer abandon of the wilderness. One of the many places we discovered was Timothy Lake about 1/2 hour or more from Mt. Hood. Then watching the sunset on Mt. Jefferson was pretty amazing too with the Sisters nearby. What makes a place like I described possible is the incredible amounts of rain and snow they get here (mainly snow where I'm presently visiting because of the altitudes). There are even pro skiers and boarders practicing as long as the snow lasts (maybe into August or beyond) at this point on Mt. Hood. They do this for competition in the winter so they stay in shape and keep up their skills for winter. Another place they can do this is Whistler in Canada above Vancouver years likely like this one on the west coast.

The temperatures are nice too, 45 sometimes at night and 60s to low 80s wherever we travel discovering the Oregon Wildernesses. Heaven is Oregon this summer! So, far no big fires on the horizon. We are blessed!

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