Monday, July 24, 2017

Without enough Truth the People Perish

IF you are an intuitive or just sensitive in general you likely are wondering what the he. ck is going on with your dreams lately? Yes. There was a geomagneitc Storm this week so it easily could be that. Also, if anyone you know had a heart attack or died from one this week it also likely had something to do with this geomagnetic storm, especially if they were on a jet passenger plane anywhere on earth when this happened. So, this is likely why (Cosmic Rays) that have invaded our space here on earth causing heart attacks and heart problems galore. However, our neurons are also vulnerable to Cosmic Rays too, which is why dreams that seem insane are more common now we have less protection from cosmic rays from the Magnetosphere as well.

So, it seems to some degree (the Insanity that Trump Brings) in some ways is catching and driving many temporarily or permanently mad sort of like a "Midsummer Nights Dream".

Also, yesterday my wife and I drove through 100 to 104 degree temperatures From Red Bluff to Sacramento onwards. When I returned home on the coast it was drizzling from thick fog and was 57 degrees and still wet on my deck in the back yard this morning when I let the dogs out to relieve themselves after a long night.

During the 1970s and 1980s it was common knowledge that Russian military satellites were used to scramble people's minds over specific areas. It's so much like this once again that one wonders "What the H--- is going on?"

Back then if your area was having minds scrambled electronically it was pretty easy to tell. Satellites can do many things, they can scramble human and animal minds, they can alter the weather (weather warfare ongoing) they can send down nuclear weapons to create EMPs which knock out power in many areas at once. There are all sorts of things that have already been done many times  in the past.

However, I thought those days were long gone? Amy I right or wrong?

Eventually, all this was supposed to have stopped around the time the soviet Union collapsed on itself by going bankrtupt mostly from the Soviet War in Afghanistan. (Think about this for a moment) our longest war in the history of the U.S. is also in Afghanistan). U.S. Bankruptcy from too long a war?
in a country that has never been defeated by any army including Alexander the Great and Soviet Russia?

So, what are we doing in Afghanistan but going bankrupt like the Soviet Union did from fighting there?

Yes. Without enough Truth the people will surely perish.

And there is no truth to be had at all from the Trump administration, not to Americans and not to the world. No one can trust this man or this administration inside or outside of America.

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