Sunday, October 29, 2017

Here's the problem I see for the "Civilized" world right now

The Opioid crisis is ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG. It is only one facet of the problems of the civilized world.

As the world becomes more and more polluted less and less people are going to enjoy being here on earth. This is only logical.

As the richest people compete with each other to get richer and richer, the poor also get poorer and poorer as well.

And as the poor get poorer because of globalization we are going to see more and more unhappy and unsatisfied people dying on things like Opioids.

But, in the end this isn't about anything but human overpopulation really.

There are just too many people on earth for everyone to be happy or even want to be alive. So, it is inevitable at this stage in human existence that more and more people are going to choose to die all over the world. How they choose to die will depend upon what happens here on earth.

One type of person is going to just give up without a fight and die. (like on opioids). Another person because of their religion is going to fight to stay alive because of their religious beliefs. Another type of person is going to fight all governments in terrorist ways. So, these are the three basic types of people you are going to see around the world for hundreds of years now.

This is the future of the poor and middle Class all over the world, either people will just give up and die on things like opioids or they will be religious and fight to stay alive in the name of God or whatever. And then the third type of common person will fight all governments in anarchistic ways like Terrorists do now.

So, the basis of all governments will tend to be religious in nature with other people giving up because they believe in nothing and other people fighting for their religions and other people fighting all governments as terrorists.

And then you will have religions fighting all terrorists and allowing most of the rest to die who aren't their specific religion.

This appears to be the future of this century and possibly beyond.

I guess one way to look at it would be "What happens when Terrorists get nukes?"

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