Sunday, October 29, 2017

Would I personally be alive if I didn't believe in God since Birth? No!

Does that mean God is a real thing? NO.

It just means that I personally would be dead and not writing this blog right now if I didn't believe in God as a child.


Because I had whooping cough and Blunt Trauma Childhood epilepsy, neither of which I would have survived without believing in God.

This is an incontrovertible truth by the way.

So, if I didn't believe in God when it counted most I could have never grown up.

Am I upset about this?


I am alive because I believed in God.

For me, it is a completely pragmatic statement that is completely true.

Does that mean that God is real?


It means I would be dead now if I hadn't believed in God when it counted most.

So, if all the people dying on opioids believed in God they wouldn't be dying?

For some of them this is true.

There is something about human nature being what it is that most people can't stay alive very long unless they believe in something.

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