Sunday, October 29, 2017

I agree with many now that Trump has less than a 30% chance of serving out his term

Trump has pissed off so many Republicans, Independents, and ALL Democrats now that he is being engulfed by an "Earthquake" of Anger from all directions. It's sort of like his supporters are like at the Alamo or something like that and everyone knows the end is near. IT's circle your wagons time because the Indians are going to win against Trump. Trump is likely finished but just like Custer at Little Big Horn he will go down fighting to the last with many arrows sticking out of him like then.

It's hard for me to imagine what Trump's life is going to be like after all this. IF he has a free life after all this the ways he is playing this.

IF he continues to play the game in his way sort of like a MAFIA Lord he might spend the rest of his days in prison unless he goes to another country and stays there pretty soon.

So, it's hard for me to imagine how this turns out for Trump unless he goes Hitler all the way and even then we all know what happened to Hitler (at least we think we do).

The other living presidents care more about the country and the office of president. But Trump just cares about his own ass.

So, likely a way will be found to keep Trump out of jail even if that means being barred from ever returning to this country ever again.

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