Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Will there be a real war soon?

I equate Trump a lot to Herbert Hoover who caused the last Great Depression. Likewise, Trump likely is creating now the next Great Depression that could be 10 to 25 times worse worldwide than the last one the way he is presently going.

So, if Trump is creating the next Great Depression now in order to kill off poorer people all over the world so richer people can make more money then a war could be arising within 1 to 5 go 10 years from now the way Trump is presently operating.

Why he is being allowed to create another Great Depression and World War is anyone's guess?

This is my question too.

So, will there be another Great Depression and World War. The answer likely is "Yes" if Trump remains in power much longer.

If I project down that timeline (I don't want to but it might be useful to your survival and the survival of your families) 1/2 of the present population of earth is gone this century from Global Warming combined with the Great Depression and wars that are coming.

I presently believe removing Trump from office as soon as possible will save the most lives. However, then the other question becomes: "Will the human race survive this century if Trump is removed from office soon?"

I'm not sure I have a clear answer to this question at present.

Time is a series of infinite paradoxes. We tend to live in a world that we want to make sense to us. But time doesn't work that way.

Time is about balance. IT's not about good or bad but only balance. A balance of lives being born and dying. A balance of governments coming and going. A Balance.

So, trying to be idealistic about time is sort of like trying to be idealistic about driving a car down the freeway at 80 miles per hour in heavy traffic. It just isn't possible to survive that way.

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