Tuesday, May 30, 2023

I agree with the last article:

Churches are a hotbed of child molestation. Why is this?

It's because there is trust among people who share the same beliefs. It's one of the foibles of human psychology that if people are saying and believing (or acting like they believe like you) you tend to trust these people whether they deserve this trust or not.

For example, the more celibacy is pushed forward as the way to go the more you are going to see both child and female and sometimes adult male molestation in that church. This is what I believe from my own experiences growing up.

My solution to this problem is to separate myself from all churches because I don't want to be advocating these problems that exist now in ALL churches worldwide. So, my way to protect children is to not join any church because they ALL are like this worldwide. There are NO exceptions to this problem in churches worldwide.

From my point of view Churches have absolutely nothing to do with God or Angels or even Jesus. They have to do with money and bad people who molest others. This is the problem I see with all churches worldwide at this point in time.

So, I still worship God and Angels and Jesus, I just refuse to do this through any church. I go direct to God and Angels and Jesus and live with them 24 hours a day direct with God.

By God's Grace

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