Friday, May 26, 2023

We are all much more than we usually think we are

This is one of the many discoveries I have made during my lifetime. When you set out to become enlightened like I did first at age 15 often you do become enlightened in the way that your mind and body works and in relation to the rest of the universe.

What I discovered is that we are What I now call Creator Souls, some of which I have written about in Memories which is at

Though I call what I have written my Creation Story what it really is is my memories of past, present and future lifetimes I have lived.

The point though here is that I have discovered that not only am I unlimited but so are you whether you understand this yet or not. We are unlimited in our capacities for change and for understanding and for enlightenment and we all are not limited just to human bodies here on earth either.

In fact, what we actually are as Creator souls mostly here on earth is billions of years old Creator souls who have lived and lived and lived and as retired Souls we incarnate now as humans on earth so we can value still being alive after Billions of years of existence.

However, there are other elements that though confusing for someone who lives in time and space like you and I do in physical bodies here on earth. For example, a Creator soul doesn't originate in either time or space but in the primordial state of being that existed before Galaxies were Created by our Creator souls sort of like why humans create farms and ranches around the world. It's so they can have more children and not struggle so much to survive as we did when we were hunter gatherers before farming slowly came into being.

So, the point is often humans underestimate who they are more than anything else. They tend to put themselves in little boxes that mostly are not useful to be put in as children or young adults. Then those that survive break out of these little boxes like baby chicks pecking through their egg shells to get out into the world.

So, as you can see we all are much more than most of us presently think we are. We are unlimited in reality because of our basic nature as Creator souls who create Galaxies across the universe. 

By God's Grace

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