Sunday, May 28, 2023

My wife thinks FUBAR on netflix with arnold schwarzenegger is one of the best streaming series on any platform this year!

For example, I really liked Citadel but the characters are so troubled as you find out along the way it really makes you wince.

But, FUBAR is very well done and more like a family spy business more than anything else. So, it really is a fun ride and very well put together and at least all the family stuff (that almost all of us can relate to on one level or another) is very genuine and real. So, even though they are doing all the "mission impossible" type of stuff like other spy thrillers it feels much more real and less contrived because you have real human beings trying to solve real family problems all the way through it. So, all family's with children can likely relate to what happens in FUBAR on many levels (grown up children). Because as is demonstrated here in FUBAR (parenting really never ends on many different levels) even though the children might want it to. But, real parenting never ends in trying to help your kids come up with better solutions to their problems and them trying to help their parents come up with better solutions to their problems as well.

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