Sunday, May 28, 2023

Religions don't stand up to philosophical inquiry

However, religions maybe were never supposed to stand up to philosophical inquiry in the first place.

Why do religions exist really? To keep people from offing themselves like a chain reaction of deaths after something bad happens. It's a way to keep children from killing themselves when mothers, fathers, sisters or brothers or friends die unexpectedly.

However, what is philosophical inquiry?

Philosophical inquiry is like asking: "Why is the sky blue?" And for a long time no one could answer this question which answer is that "The sky is only blue because of the atmosphere here on earth through which the light of the sun travels. If you go out past the atmosphere into Space you might say the sky is black or dark blue with stars in it and galaxies in it. Because it is ONLY blue here on earth during daylight when you can see past the clouds."

So, religions are to reassure people and to keep them alive and to keep them from killing other members of their own religion or group of people or tribe.

Whereas Philosophical inquiry is to actually find out the truth of things beyond reassuring people that everything is going to be all right.

So, religion was never about truth really. It was always about reassuring people so that they could stay alive no matter what happened in their lives.

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