Monday, May 22, 2023

The Sixth Mass Extinction event?

 One of the big extinction events happened about 65 million years ago when a part of the planet Maldek after it was nuked out of existence by our ancestors hit earth and caused the mass extinction event of the larger Dinosaurs who couldn't escape into the ocean. For example, Sea Lions were once likely something like wolves who adapted to the ocean and sea elephants are likely something bigger that adapted to life in the ocean.

So, we too might have to adapt in ways like a Sea Lion from a wolf or something bigger from another animal into a Sea Elephant. IT's really hard to say how humans will have to adapt to survive this mass extinction event.

However, because some of us have technology like Genetic engineering some of us might survive almost anything that happens here on earth as well as some of us colonizing other worlds too.

So, even if the Sixth mass extinction event keeps happening like it has been for several hundred years now through mass extinctions Still it is my belief that some humans will survive all this.

By God's Grace

PS So, one of the reason I write here at this blog is to help people envision how to survive anything that comes here on earth on into the future and not only here on earth but on other planets and dimensions as well.

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