Saturday, May 27, 2023

My best friend from the church I was raised in didn't need to die in 2006. Why?

He felt that he should not have open heart surgery because of religious concerns. So, as a direct result of this religious based decision he died at age 62 in 2006. This was very hard for me because he was one of two best men I had for my last marriage in Yosemite National Park in 1995. So, it was a very personal affront to me that my friend died this young when he has so much to do with my third marriage happening at all. He had a Master's degree in psychology and was a high School Teacher in the Los Angeles area and we had gone to Sunday School together, His sister and he and I. So, in some ways I'm grateful for separating from the church I was raised in because I'm presently 75 and likely would have died at age 50 with a heart virus if I had had the same point of view as my friend. Now, I suppose there is no limit to how long I might live. 

My son who has a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing at a southern Califronia CSU with full honors told me that there is really no limit at this point to how long people can actually live with present and future medical technology in place.

So, it is theoretically possible that I will potentially outlive my friend by 62 years which was his age when he died. This is how amazing medical technology is now here on earth and it will continue to evolve into the future as well worldwide.

By God's Grace

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