Monday, May 29, 2023

I foresee a time when Cruise ships will have to be like Submarines part of the time. Why?

As you can see with the water washing up and down one of the inside decks with debris this was a scary time for passengers aboard the Carnival Sunshine Cruise ship. As time goes forward oceans will become more and more impassable (at least for surface ships). So, I foresee a time when the only way it will be safe in storms is for ships to be able to go underwater under these storms in order to keep passengers safe from death. This likely will start to occur (the building of these types of Cruise ships) by 2050 I would say as the weather gets increasingly worse worldwide this century for the next three centuries at least. 

I expect at present as an precognitive intuitive (that given all present conditions) that only 1 billion humans will be alive by 2100 AD. So, I foresee a 7/8 loss of world general population levels to occur by 2100 AD given all present conditions here on earth.

However, the main reason I am bringing this up is so this can change maybe to something better through technology. However, we will have to see what actually happens here on earth in the meantime.

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