Monday, December 6, 2010

I, Hippie?

Dana Carvey did a cartoon skit on Saturday Night Live called "I, Hippie" that was pretty funny. It was a gray haired guy with a pony tail and a beard saying something like, "Yeah I got on the bus with Ken Kesey and it was beautiful, man. Those were the days. And by the way Welcome to Burger King!"

Since that generation was also mine and because there are still people where the 1960s was the end all be all of their lives and still do work in Burger King I do recognize that people like that still exist.

However, most of us were much more multidimensional than that. We grew up went to college went to all the Led Zeppilin, Moody Blues, Beatles etc. concerts that we could and had amazing experiences when we could and met really groovy people when we could. But that was just a part of our lives because we got college degrees, got married (sometimes) and had children who are now up to 40 or 45 years of age presently if they were born after 1965. So, people who were considered to be hippies then look like mother or father or  almost every grandfather or grandmother today. Most of us cannot believe the diversity of our lives that have often taken us through multiple relationships worldwide and don't like being pigeonholed as being any one of hundreds of people that each of us has had to be to survive until now.

Though the 1960s might be cherished memories for many of us, they were only one aspect of very full lives. And since now most of us are parents or grandparents and some of us are very successful, sometimes like many things in our lives "I, Hippie" was only a dream we once lived when we were young. Maybe it was a good or bad or neutral dream but now because of all our other responsibilities and kids and grandkids, it was only one of hundreds of aspects to our lives lived now and in the future.

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