Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Global Warming likely to double food Prices by 2050

Global experts: Warming could double food prices 

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CANCUN, Mexico – Even if we stopped spewing global warming gases today, the world would face a steady rise in food prices this century. But on our current emissions path, climate change becomes the "threat multiplier" that could double grain prices by 2050 and leave millions more children malnourished, global food experts reported Wednesday.

Beyond 2050, when climate scientists project temperatures might rise to as much as 6.4 degrees C (11.5 degrees F) over 20th century levels, the planet grows "gloomy" for agriculture, said senior research fellow Gerald Nelson of the International Food Policy Research Institute.

The specialists of the authoritative, Washington-based IFPRI said they fed 15 scenarios of population and income growth into supercomputer models of climate and found that "climate change worsens future human well-being, especially among the world's poorest people."end quote.

Too much rain, too little rain, too much snow, too little snow, too high a temperature, too low a temperature or just no rain at all for too long or winds being too high for too long. This is what Global Climate Change actually means. It means extreme weather gyrations not seen since the middle ages or before. It means that calmer weather that allows crops to be grown can no longer be expected or counted upon anywhere on earth. It means that prices might double worldwide but be much more than that some places and much less locally other places. But most of all it just means a whole lot of uncertainty. But for the average person there is an old saying "The average person is about 48 hours away from rioting and civil disobedience if there is no food or no  water".

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