Sunday, December 5, 2010

Releasing the Past

My wife and daughter had gone to a performance venue so they could hear a class mate of my daughter play in a rock band so I was alone for the evening. I decided to watch "The Family Stone" made in 2005 with many stars including Sarah Jessica Parker and Diane Keaton. I had forgotten that Diane Keaton is terminal in the movie and so it brought up my own mother passing away in 2008. I found myself with tears running down my face and identifying with the two brothers (one of them is played by Luke Wilson). By the time my daughter and wife returned the movie was almost over and I finally felt I could deal with another Christmas after that movie. Then I went to bed and found I couldn't sleep. And I found myself reaching out to God for help. In a way I felt like my needs were nothing compared to others. I have plenty of food, clothing, shelter and family and friends so I felt sort of strange asking God for help. But God came soon and said, "Though you have everything physical your soul is in torment from those you have lost". You must release them all and your past too." So, I began doing that.

I release my past to you God because it is and was always yours anyway and never really mine. So it is as though my life has always been an illusion when I thought it was ever  mine. My life was always yours and only a gift for me to experience and move on.

I release all my relatives and friends who have died to you God
I release all the women I loved and who have passed on or are out of my life now God
I release all my memories of Christmases that still haunt me God
I release everything that has pained me all my life God
I release back to you my whole life up until now so that I may have a present and future God

In this way you have brought me into the present and future and out of the past

Thank you God!

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