Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Difficulty of Being Christian Internationally

Pope urges courage for Catholics in China, Iraq

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Though generally Christians and Muslims do quite well in getting along within the U.S. this is less true in Europe and progressively worse throughout Africa and Asia and the Middle East depending upon the country. As a "Mystical Christian" since birth, even though I don't attend any church regularly anymore I still see myself as a Christian at core. So I'm concerned what is happening now to Christians worldwide during these times. I'm more of the belief that all religions should get along with each other but that doesn't seem possible in many nations who are less educated and self disciplined here on earth.

There is also the quality that one finds in Christianity of "turning the other cheek" that can get Christians in some countries in trouble or "Dead" by not defending themselves. Unfortunately, I don't see the rivalry between most of the religions of the world ending any time soon. As a somewhat educated person, I take pride in being both a Christian and a Tibetan Buddhist simultaneously, because Buddhism is a philosophy more than a religion (at least in the way religion is defined in the western world). So, the main tenet of Buddhism is also pretty much the same tenet in Christianity which is being compassionate to one's fellow man. In Buddhism one extends this compassion   to all beings in the universe. So I have no problem being both a Christian and a Tibetan Buddhist at the same time.

However, I am very concerned at the growing conflicts between Muslims and Christians worldwide. It is my hope and prayer this Christmas (and throughout the year) that all religions can get along better with each other and stop killing each other. We don't need another 1000 years of conflict between religions here on earth. A way needs to be found to create a more lasting peace worldwide. I think the most useful way would be through education fostered by the United Nations worldwide.

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