Monday, December 6, 2010

Seas Encroach the Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands face unique dilemmas as seas encroach

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I noticed while I was in Hawaii on Maui about one month ago now that the high tides were hitting the shrubbery in the resort I was staying in. So, imagine you are staying somewhere where salt water is in the shrubs and starting to kill them at high tide. They may be manicured but just how much salt water can they take? And what about when the storms come which often bring higher waves or tides.

The Marshall Islands and places like Bangladesh are some of the extreme examples where one one or two feet of  higher water level endangers an incredible amount of people and their homes and livelihoods. We are seeing just the tip of the iceberg of what ice melting worldwide does to ocean water levels and it will continue to get worse over time as more and more fresh water and ocean water glaciers melt worldwide.

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