Thursday, April 13, 2017

A sacrifice for your Country by driving hybrid or all electric vehicle?

Note: What I mean by this is that if you own a Hybrid or All Electric Vehicle you  are definitely lowering the fuel prices for the rest of us. This is why just in California 10% or more now of all new vehicles are Hybrids or all electrics. For example, my cousin has a Tesla that does zero to 60 in about 2 1/2 seconds. He showed me while I was riding in it.It really is that fast. His wife drives a lexus SUV Hybrid as well. So, they are now sacrificing for their country and their children and grandchildren (about 9 grandchildren so far). So, I think this is admirable. However, I told them I thought that they might get some kind of cancer eventually from driving a hybrid and an all elecric and what they told me was "Hey! We are already in our early to mid 70s. We think it is worth the risk. end note.

There is another reason not to buy an electric or hybrid car or truck. My God Daughter found out about it recently when their new Prius became non-operational because of mice.

Here's the problem. (And this happens now all the time around the world where people own hybrids).

Mice like the insulation in the harness of a hybrid (the insulation on all the wires of a hybrid electric car, especially those in a Prius (any year model). So, hundreds of Prius owners go out to their garages (which mice often live too after being pushed out of the house with traps) and their car shorts out when they try to start it.

What happened?

The mice ate all the insulation off the wires carrying electricity from batteries to the electric motors and from the generators to the batteries and electric motors. So, everything shortedout, the motors, the generators and the batteries but mostly just the wires are burned to a crisp or just not functional at all.

How much does something like this cost to fix. The minimum is usually around 10,000 dollars and the price just goes up from there depending what expensive parts like electric motors, generators or batteries were also destroyed in the process.

So far, I have not heard of this  happening to anything else but a Prius. I'll try to research more online to see what I can find.

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