Thursday, April 13, 2017

There isn't much doubt now that North Korean nuclear bunkers are next

Note: in listening to more news I realized that this was NOT a bunker buster bomb. Instead it blows up just before it hits the ground and is an air concussion bomb that kills everything for miles both above and below ground. I saw a video of a smaller one and how out of the caves when something like this goes off blocks away blast dust and clouds of smoke out of them but everything dies above and below ground. It's called an Air Bomb because it's a concussion bomb that changes air pressure.
end note.

As we watched on TV or Internet the 59 out of 60 cruise missiles go into the Syrian air base from which the gas attack was launched and now today we watch the biggest non-nuclear bomb in the world go of in Afghanistan we really have no doubt that North Korean Nuclear Bunkers and mobile launching nuclear ICBMs are next in North Korea.

I think if I was living in South Korea I would no doubt at all at this point that this might be time to either move southward towards Busan and Jeju Island or to go to Japan, China or Thailand for Safety right now if I were a South Korean or dependent of U.S. or South Korean Military personnel.

Also, what is interesting to me is that these are the two most likely weapons that Trump would use to neutralize North Korean nuclear potential. Likely a drone controlled large plane would fly in high and drop a 21,000 pound bomb from about 40,000 to 70,000 feet something like a Galaxy C5A drone without any pilots on board so there would be no U.S. loss of life possible, and then it would drop this thing big enough to need a full size Semi Truck Trailer open bed to even carry the thing in the first place which then drills it's way down into the earth spinning like a bullet as far as it can go before going off with an Air Blast that kills through concussion everything living within a few miles of where this actually goes off both above and below ground.

Cruise missiles would be used to take out mobile nuclear launch pads on the backs of semi trucks hidden around NOrth KOrea and inside of warehouses and other above ground bunkers.

But you can be sure that likely there would be no loss of American lives in the air in this kind of attack upon North Korean Nuclear positions. So, the attack would not be nuclear in nature but rather using only Cruise missiles and 21,000 pound bunker busters to get rid of the North Korean Nuclear Arsenal, hopefully permanently. However, there likely would be a large collateral damage component, because North Korea like ISIS would want to have many poor starving or already starved to death  people as human shields on the ground. North Korea has a large standing army that would be likely mobilized to go over the border into South Korea. Since Seoul isn't far into South Korea from the border likely this would be their first target in completely destroying the city and any military bases between them and Seoul.

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