Thursday, April 6, 2017

Don't see cop car: The Movie

 Don't see cop car

Unless you want to demonstrate to younger boys teenage age (or very wild girls)  the perils of certain ways of thinking and acting. This movie reminded me a lot of my grade school and junior high years. In the ways these boys are thinking. Often the boys I knew had no rules at all that they live by outside of their homes. So as we wandered around doing almost anything that boys tend to do, these boys at the beginning of the movie trying to think of every bad word they have ever heard of made me laugh. But as they moved on walking over Barbwire fences in ranches and farms likely in the state of Colorado I realized how much they were like boys I knew in the 1950s and early 1960s. So this movie is a pretty bizarre one. You could say it's a movie about consequences. It's about if you do crazy shit things crazy shit things can happen to you. So there is a reason why parents try to protect their children from these kinds of thoughts and actions.

Sometimes parents succeed and sometimes they don't. And this is one of those times the parents didn't succeed and the consequences are horrific. From this point of view this movie could also be seen as a real life(in that this could actually happen) horror flick.

Why didn't I Wind up dead or in jail? The main reason I would say is I had really good parents. And at age 10 I met someone who became my best friend in Junior high to high school. We both had suffered terrible childhood diseases. He had suffered through polio and had to wear leg braces until he was six. The reason I was giving Mike my newspaper delivery bike route job was because I had just had my first seizure likely caused by a blow to the head about a year before. So from this point on I was having seizures at night until I was 15 when they finally stopped when I got God to come into my body and live with me here and Heal me permanently.

So, literally I am here now by the grace of God as are we all. Just look back at your own life. Why did you survive while many of your friends did not? If you look at life in this way we all are here only by the grace of God.
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