Thursday, April 13, 2017

Kid flies to 15,000 feet in motorized Hang glider near Philadelphia on a really beautiful day!

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Flying To 15,000 Feet On My Paramotor - Paravlog #12

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This kid with a motorized Paraglider foot launched flies all the way up to 15,000 feet on a calm clear day near Philadelphia. He speaks about New York City in the distance and how he can also see the ocean. Then lands the thing next to his Subaru. 

A couple of years ago I was thinking I was still 20 years old and single without children or grandchildren then as the PTSD from my burst appendix and Sleep deprivation not sleeping for one month got me in a different direction (short term PTSD) caused by Trauma took me to where I thought I should be doing this at age 67 or so. It's true I can still ski and It's true I can still ride a motorcycle (I have  KLR 650) but since the burst appendix laproscopic surgery gave me a hernia I'm not supposed to lift much over 40 or 50 pounds. Still haven't had the Kevlar screening put in but will soon in a hernia operation near my belly button when they drilled many holes into me and sent little snake like robots into my body and inflated me with CO2 because that doesn't catch fire to see to work inside me with small robots better. (a little like the devices used for colonoscopies) only they enter through small holes the size of your little finger they drill into your abdomen. So, you have no scars except little things that look a lot like moles when they heal. So, other than the hernia screwing up my life (I cannot pick up a 375 pound KLR 650 anymore) off the ground. Other than that I likely have to get a much lighter motorcycle if I want to keep riding now. Besides I'll be 69 soon.

If I was single now I'd likely be flying at 15,000 feet to just like this kid because then it wouldn't matter to my wife, and kids and grandkid if I checked out suddenly having a complete blast in a motorized paraglider flying around Mt. Shasta. But then, like my father before me I have to think about others besides myself.

Responsibility is tough but then again I might also be alive 1000 years from now also because of it with modern medicine being what it is. Have a Great Day!

Here' another one where a 16 year old boy pilots one by one 3 teenage girls!  It is one of the more interesting ones because where do you find teenage girls this ready for adventure like this? Most people (boys and girls and men and women would think twice before doing something like this. Exposure (distance to the ground) upsets a lot of people. I've never been afraid of heights but many people are. Hopefully the realize this before they take off!
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Paramotor Tandem For Kisses!!! Powered Paragliding Hottest Girls With 16 Year Old SUPER Trevor!!

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This guy doesn't realize the currents or how low he is until too late. Around hills and mountains are always air currents that are unpredictable. Pilots who fly a lot know this who have private pilots licenses but often paraglider pilots who are more weekend pilots might not understand air currents around mountains which change drastically with when winds change during the day. All sorts of pilots of all sorts of flying vehicles have died this way. This guy is really lucky not to have at least broken a leg or arm or head or something worse. He is right. he is lucky to be alive. The closer you are to the ground the more dangerous it can be unless it is completely flat with no wind and no rocks to stumble over.

$10,000 lost and I'm happy that I survived

Colin Clark
I put this one at the end to make people doing this  realize this isn't without risk especially if you aren't flying over grassy fields with no wind at the time.

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