Sunday, April 2, 2017

Opening a Bible at Random

Since I am a mystic in that I believe God is constantly manifesting in me and everything and everyone around me 24 hours a day, there is synchronicity to every moment of life. There are no accidents. Everything is for a reason teaching me what to do next in life. Life is like a flower growing up and unfolding for me to take in the radiance of the fragrance of the adult flower.

So, just so, when I was younger especially I would open up the Bible at random as well as all books I considered to be Holy when I had questions about what to think about something. My mother also did this because she was a mystic too. And God and Life would always answer my questions in this way as long as I was open to the answer to my question in reality. So, also my writings often have this effect on me now too. I realize what I have written is not only a road map for me to higher levels of enlightenment ongoing throughout eternity but also might be that for you as well. Only you can decide what is real for you in the end.

By God's Grace

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