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What happens during a 96 hour vision quest of no water and no food during that time

Note: If you are going to do something like this you need to be in good mental and physical health. It is also better to do this alone in the wilderness. But, if you are not comfortable in the wilderness because you haven't spent enough time there to feel safe there then you have to decide how to deal with all this. As your senses open up your version of reality changes a lot more to be more similar to all the wild creatures of earth as a more wild human being. But, this doesn't mean you are violent. No.

What I mean by this is your senses open up and you feel at one with all nature in a very profound way. You understand you are not alone here on earth ever. You are a part of the Earth and a part of nature always. You become more aware of your responsibilities to yourself and to life on earth and beyond. You grow up and take your rightful place here on earth through all this process.

You begin to understand better who you are and what you are doing here on earth in the first place.
end note.

A 96 hour or 4 day vision quest is traditional among Native American Tribes during the last 10,000 years or more.

The purpose of doing something like this is somewhat the same as Buddha or Jesus Fasting on water for 30 to 40 days to become enlightened as masters.

However, this process is speeded up during a 4 day vision quest because not only are you not eating food you are also not drinking water either. So, the vision process is speeded up by this.

Some People think this type of vision quest is drug related. But this isn't true in most traditional tribes nationwide. It also wasn't true for me. All one does is pray, and not eat food and not drink water for 4 days and nights.

For myself, I needed to know what God wanted me to do with my life. It was a strong need to see what I needed to do beyond being a husband, father and business owner. And looking back now to 1983 I was given the answer to this question at that time.

For me, after 2 days in I had my vision that directed me to Tibetan Buddhism by my becoming a huge Golden Dragon that Breathed out fire upon everyone. At first I was terrified that the fire I breathed out on everyone would burn them to death. But no, I realized I was breathing out the fire of enlightenment which made all the people smile.

This is one of the reasons why I named my archive site "" because this vision directed me into Tibetan Buddhism which sent me two years later for 4 months with my family into Thailand, India and Nepal. In India I was directed to Bodhgaya to meet a friend and it turned out my friend from Santa Cruz, Geshe Lobsang Gyatso, was there for the Kalachackra Empowerment. It also directed me to Dharamshala where I had many amazing experiences. It also directed me to Rewalsar, India which Tibetans call "TSOPEMA" because it is a Padmasambhava place.

So, what I'm doing here at this site intuitivefred888 and at is sharing enlightenment that began in earnest with this vision quest in the summer of 1983 which led me to India and Nepal and Thailand with my family for 4 months time in 1985 and 1986.

But, the fullness of this vision quest was not realized until I almost died in 1999 from a heart virus for 8 months and I realized that a soul doesn't reincarnate in a linear way but incarnates in thousands to millions of lifetimes all at once which meant that this was why I remember the future lifetimes I have already lived, the present lifetimes I have already lived and the past lifetimes I have already lived. It also allows me to share enlightenment with all of you.

So, is about sharing enlightenment given to me by God.

intuitivefred888 in some ways is also a part of this but also directed towards preventing human extinction here on earth. If we are nuked or all die in a pandemic or die from overpopulation in a genocidal war, all the humanity and culture and the platform of human existence and the opportunity of souls to be born here from throughout the Galaxy and beyond will be gone permanently.

So, one way to continue the human race on earth is to share what will allow the platform of evolution of souls here to continue by allowing them to still be born and grow up and to learn what a soul can learn by being born on earth both now and into the future.

note: This site intuitivefred888 is most easily reached through Google Search because is run by Google.

However, is more easily reached through Yahoo Search.

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