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Reprint of Jonathan Flow (at Lake Tahoe)

Since we are visiting Lake Tahoe again and I can't remember staying here since 2011 when we got snowed in here with my some of the parents and students of my daughters private school I thought I would search my site and see what I could find about Lake Tahoe just for fun (yours and mine).

Monday, February 21, 2011

Jonathan Flow in South Lake Tahoe

To more understand who Jonathan Flow is please read:


dragonofcompassion - Jonathan Flow

at my archive website. click on the above "dragon" wordbutton above.

Jonathan traveled from the Northern California coast and his home with his family in their 4 wheel drive SUV towards South Lake Tahoe. He remembered the time a few years ago when a fire at their destination resort coupled with the 6000 feet altitude had put his wife in the hospital overnight with a combination of smoke inhalation and altitude problems. He was glad those days were behind him. This time kids from his daughter's school and parents were renting two houses to store the kids in so they could be together and play in the snow. Jonathan had rented one of these houses. However, as he read the weather reports on computer and Iphone4 he was worried. He had lived in snow conditions like these before and worried about not only just getting to Lake Tahoe at all but also of getting stuck and snowed in under these extreme conditions. Luckily, or (unluckily) depending upon your point of view, they made it to the two houses. However, soon one of the houses became impassable by road even with a 4 wheel drive SUV. Since that is where Jonathan was going to stay with his family he decided it would be safer if all the parents and children would be snowed in in the same very large house that was marginally accessible then. Then to make matters worse it snowed about 4 feet total of powder snow between the time they arrived and the next afternoon. Sure enough no one was able to get out by car even from the larger more accessible house which was very close to the Heavenly Ski Resort Friday. It wasn't until noon Saturday that anyone of the three vehicles made it out after much snow shoveling and getting stuck (and two of these were 4 wheel drive SUVs with chains but without high ground clearance. Jonathan noticed that no one on  the whole street (even the ones that made it out using large GMC Vans with both 4 wheel drive, all 4 snow tires) were also getting their vehicles stuck in the snow at least once Friday and have to spend about an hour or longer getting them dug out. This included Jonathan's 2000 Lexus SUV 4 wheel drive(which was the best car in it's class for 2000). So Jonathan spent a lot of time Friday helping people dig their cars out and trying to be safe about it so no one got killed or injured seriously during this awful slippery process.

Then Jonathan and one of the other parents discovered a large snow blower in the two car garage of the very  large 5 bedroom snow rental house. With this they plowed the driveway and up the slope of the main road. Though it made it a little better neither of the SUVs  with chains or the two wheeled drive van with chains could still make it out. That night a carload of kids from Cal POLY university got stuck on the way to their snow rental home as well and asked to borrow that snow blower, so three of the men including Jonathan Flow went to help them plow the road into their house as well. Everyone was very very exhausted Friday night after all that.

By Saturday morning everyone of the adults was emotionally exhausted from being imprisoned by the snow and unable to get out by car. In fact by the afternoon on Friday two of the parents walked out and walked to town to Safeway and took a taxi back as far as they could and called the house to get all the kids (all aged 14 to 15) to come and help with carrying the groceries through the snow covered roads back to the house.  Also on Friday a group of Five hiked up to Heavenly to ski the mountain all day and came home exhausted but very happy to have been able to ski 3 to 4 feet of new powder on top of a 60 to 90 inch base of snow. So I guess the new snow levels would have been 95 to 125 inches or more on Friday.

Meanwhile, Jonathan noticed all the signs for the return of King Interlaken's giant ship to be parked under Lake Tahoe. Several years before it had come for an international council of Earth Governments from present day and his Earth World Government around 7000 AD here on earth. The council meeting was to address the growing food problems as well as weather problems and overpopulation here on earth.  

As an Earth Time Liaison  as well as a Galactic Time Guard Liaison between Earth Governments of all times and the Galactic Government Jonathan was asked to attend. Having multiple roles in life always seemed a little strange to Jonathan, but in the end being pragmatic about it all, even when most people on earth of all times didn't know about such things always seemed to be the best course of action. Though Jonathan would greatly have liked for it to be publicly known that all this was going on in the end, "Who would believe him anyhow?" Even if he publicly wrote about it in a Blog who in their right mind would believe the truth even if it was staring at them in the face? It made a lot of sense how secret agencies often used the "Hiding in plain sight" technique for thousands of years now. If people don't have a clue they can't expect to find one.  

Anyway, Jonathan realized during the drive up to South Lake Tahoe that this trip must have been somehow arranged by the 70th Century World Government somehow. Since he had been used to this now having the Galactic Government and the 70th Century World Government set up many of the larger events of his life he accepted this. After all, how many thousands of times had they been instrumental in saving his life over the years? So, there is a saying, "You don't look a gift horse in the mouth."

So, as he went to sleep that night he knew he would be taken into the ship likely by Elohar, his reincarnated mother in her next lifetime. As he woke up somehow on a fancy couch in the Queen Mary sized Time Ship now under Lake Tahoe, Jonathan noticed Elohar looking at something like an Ipad. However, out of the Ipad like device came a 10 foot high hologram of the Galactic Sentience. She was staring into the almost blinding image of the Galactic Sentience and he appeared to be both thought projecting as well as speaking he native language (which was a combination of most European Languages Including English, German, Greek,French, Italian and Spanish, though there were also Slavic and Russian words and even a few Arabic words in this language as well. Since on Elohar's timeline most people who spoke those languages had died, so the survivors banded together in the Alps where the radiation didn't kill so many so this combination of languages survived on that timeline. The 9-11-01 mistake caused this timeline. You reading this live on the  2nd timeline that corrected the mistake that accidentally set off the world Failsafe otherwise known as nuclear armaggeddon automatically set off by computers that thought everyone had already died in the U.S. because of the chaotic events that day worldwide. However, the second timeline didn't get created until the 70th century or beyond of the 1st timeline when they went back in time and were given permission to create a 2nd timeline for Earth by the Galactic Sentience.

So, as Jonathan woke up with a start he soon relaxed seeing the now reincarnation of his mother and realizing he was in the Queen Mary sized Time Ship of King Interlaken, who lived on the Border of Switzerland and Italy in the 70th Century of the 1st Timeline. Elohar waved to Jonathan but he also realized she was having a powerful conversation with the Galactic Sentience.

Jonathan thought, "Something must be wrong with the 2nd Timeline to cause this much commotion." Finally after 20 minutes or so Elohar said, "Thank you your Holiness. We greatly appreciate your help with solving the new problems with the 2nd timeline. With that the Galactic Sentience suddenly winked out of the hologram and Elohar turned off the Ipad like holographic projecter sender-receiver.

Elohar looked very worried and said, "Did you understand what that was all about?" Jonathan said, "Well. I have been seeing the news lately about the Jasmine revolution and when I heard it had spread as far as China it started to make me think of the prelude during the 1930s on up to World War II."

Elohar looked like she was going to cry. She said, "The Galactic Sentience says we must let a certain amount of people starve in order to reduce the population of earth now."

Jonathan was very sad as well. He said, "I knew this was coming but I had greatly hoped that the people of Earth would do this on their own so so many wouldn't have to die like this."

Elohar said, "No. I too hoped it could be that easy. Even though many people think the 1 child per family rule of China is harsh, it might eventually have to be instituted worldwide, otherwise everyone will have to watch many many young and old and in between die. It's just not good because it will destablize governments and cause unbelievable chaos this way."

Jonathan said, "My only thought is that maybe if oil goes up high enough in price people will finally find ways of doing without it completely."

Elohar said, "The final plans of how we will minimize worldwide chaos are being put into place as we speak. Would you like to listen in?"

Jonathan said, "How will I do that?"

Elohar smiled a sad smile and once again flipped on her Ipad like Holographic projector. She said, "I'm permitted a live feed of it since I'm a Galactic Time Guard Liaison to Earth like you, Jonathan."

Jonathan said, "I'm privileged to share this with you, Elohar."

Normally they would have greeted each other with hugs but both intuitively knew that they both would cry today if they did that. They needed to be officials in this and to keep  a very level head each because of their responsibilities to both Earth and the Galaxy of every time.

As the hologram went up ten feet into the air by about 12 to 15 feet wide he saw the United Nations officials sitting listening to King Interlaken who had established the 2nd timeline so Billions could still be alive here in 2011 on the 2nd timeline. On the 1st timeline 5/6 of them or more would all have been radioactive dust and bird and bug food by now (if any of them were still alive on the 1st timeline.)

As King Interlaken spoke it brought back Jonathan's memories of traveling forward through time with his then 10 year old daughter in 1999 and visiting King Interlaken and his family. Prince Orion and his daughter had become fast friends during that time. Now Prince Orion was a grown man and looked much like his father as he sat near him as the King spoke. He said, "--- as I look around me today I'm struck by the sadness in all your faces. You like me, as governmental officials and students of history know that the world faces incredible obstacles to any future at all presently on the 2nd timeline. I think most of you might agree, however, that the lack of food at good prices and diminishing oil at any price and Global Climate change (for those of you who believe in this) might be the three biggest problems along with world over population." There were nods from many as he spoke this in his native tongue and it was translated into possible 100 or more languages for those present from the United Nations.

note: You might ask how something like this could be kept secret? Well. If anyone told you about this would you believe them even if this was a United Nations representative from any country? Besides, people were warned before they attended that no unauthorized person was to mention this to anyone. However, they were also told that somewhere this would be chronicled so there would be a source only not many would believe it was real and true.

Jonathan knew that it would fall to him to loosely chronicle the event for posterity. It didn't really matter whether anyone believed it or not because it was like doing a Doing Business Add in your local newspaper to tell about a new business. By Galactic Law everything needed to be in print somewhere. Otherwise it wouldn't be galactically legal. So Jonathan had been chosen by the Galactic Sentience and King Interlaken for many many reasons to chronicle these types of events because even though he was financially  okay he was relatively anonymous to the world.

King Interlaken continued: "As I look around me today I see many who are very sad like I am at what we are asked to do. In otherwords, it seems so very unfair that so many who are so very poor must be allowed to perish in the coming years. It seems so very unfair and why is this their fate? I also share this point of view. The sad answer is that they did absolutely nothing to deserve this fate. Most of them are very good people and deserve to live. However, because of the decisions of governments and their people worldwide there doesn't presently appear to be a better choice. If anyone here has a workable idea we would like to hear it."

A voice from a Northern African Arabic nation stood up and said, "Why must Northern Africa suffer because of the mistakes of European colonials 100 and more years ago. Whey should they suffer from rich U.S. and Chinese Companies? Why must Northern Africans and fellow Arabs suffer for the sins of others?"

The man sat down obviously enraged to the point where he could no longer speak.

King Interlaken was torn between being angry and consoling. He said, "First of all, none of you here present would be alive, nor would any of your family members or friends generally, unless I and the Galaxy had intervened and created this 2nd timeline! Second, I am here to entertain any useful solution to our problem at hand. But I will no longer listen to angry words that cannot solve the problem of who lives and who dies. Very simply put the Galactic Sentience has said that the Earth's population must reduce by at least 1 billion by 2100. How do you propose to do that?"

The Arabic enraged man said, "What happens the next few hundred years after that?"

This really made King Interlaken sad. It looked like he was going to cry. He said, "Because I was asked this question my honor demands that I tell you the truth and the truth is that it is demanded by the Galactic Sentience that 1 billion people less each century until we reach 1 billion people on earth. Then we can maintain this level of population as long as we mostly have our homes and buildings underground and be very careful how we till the soil to survive."

One might think that everyone would be screaming. However, since all were grownups it was as if they were all witnessing a very bad traffic accident in slow motion and they all looked like they were going to cry and were kind of wincing at this. It was so quiet it was like no one was even breathing.

King Interlaken said, "I think this makes all of us sick but this is what will happen one way or another. We either participate in it and maintain our societies and cultures and religions or we allow ourselves to go back to the stone age. That is our real choice here. Let's not make any bones about it. This is our only real choice.

Again quiet, as the seriousness of all this sunk into the world's leaders.

Jonathan also was very very quiet at this point. One thought came up over and over again, "Necessity is the mother of invention." He thought of how extreme the changes were now much like during the 1930s and 1940s. Physically, the world changed in extreme ways during those years much like now. The 1960s and 1970s were also an extreme change, but this was a social revolution and much less a physical one than the 1930s and 1940s had been. No. These times most resembled the extreme physical changes worldwide of the Depression and World War II and everyone better gird their loins for the extreme changes on all levels to come or just die trying. This wasn't going to be easy for anyone, rich or poor.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jonathan September 10th 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jonathan September 10th 2011

Note: I decided to add two word buttons so you could read more about who Jonathan is in relation to King Interlaken and His Oneness, Elohar and Ragna, Arcane and all the rest. Memories 1thru 11 at the dragonofcompassion site give you all the descriptions in the course of the online free book. Jonathan Flow below gives you much of what I have written about Jonathan Flow in the last 30 years or so.

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dragonofcompassion - Jonathan Flow


Jonathan and his friends and relatives (7 of them this time) went out on the waters of Lake Tahoe on Jet Skis across the water. King Interlaken from the 7000s AD range had let him know that he had brought his latest time ship and placed it under the waters of Lake Tahoe undetected to present day technology. Jonathan had wondered how this was done. And this time he was given a partial though more satisfying explanation this time. The way it was explained to Jonathan went something like this.  First King Interlaken Flies the Queen Mary sized Timeship to Lake Tahoe in the 7000 AD range. He then slowly submerges it into the Lake to do slow water displacement. Then while the ship pitches forward to present day time, the present day water placed in an alternate time and replaced quick enough 1/1000 of a second or less before the present day water collapses in to fill the void. In this way something the size of the Queen Mary(the ship in Long Beach Harbor on display) (the timeship  is used especially for diplomatic missions from 10,000 AD until 10,000 BC (when King Interlaken has Time authority over Earth (even though the overall Time Lord of Earth from about 50,000 years BC to (whenever) Millions of years into the future is His Oneness of ancient Lemuria(Baja California, California and parts of Oregon Alaska and Nevada 50,000 years BC predating even Atlantis.

As Jonathan and his wife took off on one jetski Jonathan realized they were kind of topheavy and hoped they wouldn't be put in a situation where they would have to jump off. For the first 10 to 20 minutes this wasn't a problem as they skipped across the top of the water across Lake Tahoe. Lightning was striking in the background and they knew water would start to pour out of the sky soon. But then it happened, just the right combination of side wake from another boat as they were slowing down threw the jetski over so Jonathan reflexively through the handlebars up as he entered the water so the jetski wouldn't go upside down and become unstartable. His wife joined him having been sailing on her father's Concordia in San Francisco since she was a little girl. So she knew about boats and what one had to do in almost all situations. However, Jonathan being 63 was not 20,30,40,or even 50. And the water was cold and took his breath away after he surfaced after jumping off with his wife. The lightning crashed in the background and the rain fell harder as another jetski with younger more agile people helped them aboard their jetski again. Jonathan put the safety clip in place and sure enough the engine started up again. But now they were wet and the sky was cloudy and he had had enough jetskiing for today (thank you very much). Because at 63 he knew when to leave well enough alone. His wife also cold now from both the dunking and the rain also wanted to return to the beach.

Earlier that day information to be relayed upon earth and through various other forms worldwide and galaxy wide during this time era was relayed thereby from the past, present and future through Jonathan and thousands of others who were summoned to Lake Tahoe to be present for this event. During this type of relay often information will start coming through these people in various ways for the next 5 or more years. The best way I can explain what all this information does is to create balance in the world both in its relation to present day realities worldwide but also to create balance in regard to Earth's past, present and future. This is the best way that I can explain it.

Most humans of present day 2011 still see time as being linear and inching forward. However, Galactics see time and space as spherical and completely interrelated in every way. So, the perception of what life is, what it is for, what you do with it, is very different than the average person on earth. The best way I could put it is "What any being does in any time affects both directly and indirectly every other being in every other time and space. So, without beings being concerned about balance like this No timeline could exist past animals and cavemen and cavewomen. So, unless we are all integrated together in all timelines we all fall and either go extinct or return to being cavemen and cave women once again.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about maybe this will help from:

dragonofcompassion - Elohar

However, it is more easily reached by this word button:

My Pet Goat 


If you read "My Pet Goat" above you will begin to understand how projecting calm at that time allowed the second time line to be successfully created. This one act changed time and created the "Second Time Line".


King Interlaken

I found this really great news that the new timeline you and I are on can now survive potentially thousands of years into the future with no more nuclear holocausts potentially.

Removed from Time

As we met Elohar on Board King Interlaken's huge Time Ship there were thousands of present day governmental dignitaries there. I was first amazed that we all were there and said to Elohar: "What are we doing here? Where are our bodies? Are we in two places at the same time?" because I felt a responsibility for all 7 of us that I at least had some explanation of what was happening to us all.

Elohar smiled and said, "Your physical body will not remember any of this until about 11 pm September 11th. In the meantime you are all invited to witness and to participate in the celebrations regarding the 10 anniversary of the New Timeline."

It all became very clear to me what was actually happening. I didn't have to introduce my older daughter to Elohar as they had met when my daughter was 10 years old in 1999 when I traveled to Europe and met with her under the Alps in the present day as well as being sent forward in time with my daughter to meet King Interlaken and his son, Prince Orion and the rest of his family.

Being 63 I felt a little in shock as I had just had to fall off my jetski with my wife (we were taken while about 5 to 7 feet underwater). So, I wasn't exactly regrouping right at that point. So, I found my daughter and her boyfriend had taken my lead. I found this somehow comforting as I held my wife's hand who had also just fallen off the jet ski with me. I smiled as I thought of the 6 1/2 billion lives not lost on the new time line that you and I now live on. Looking at my 22 year old daughter and her boyfriend I saw the future for us here on earth in the way they easily related to Elohar. I saw myself as  63 year old man, still remarkable but starting to pass the torch on to others younger and capable. I felt good about that too but also felt it was sort of a jolt and an adjustment. Elohar still looked about 35 even though I know she likely was really about 500 at this point from what she had said. She mentioned that she had been regenerated recently and this showed by her radiant smile and a complete lack of wrinkles whereas I was growing older in a more traditional way still. I felt amazed to be able to share this not only with my wife but also my older and younger daughter, my older daughter's boyfriend and my younger daughter and her two friends.  

 My daughter said, "Elohar. So good to see you again. It's been awhile."

Elohar with a twinkle in her eye said, "Not as long as you think."

My daughter though still smiling was taken aback by this but somehow just like her father took it all in stride.

My daughter said, "I would like to to meet my boyfriend, Steve."

Elohar, "So nice to meet you Steve. It's good you were able to join us."

Steve said, "It's a real privilege to meet you.  She told me about you and this world but I couldn't fully believe in it, but now I'm here I will have to find a way, eventually. Will I remember all this?"

Elohar said, "In time you will. But the memories will have to integrate slowly at first like they are dreams or something like that. Eventually, you will fully realize it was all real and not just a dream or a vision."

Elohar, if this is the first you have ever read of her is a Seer, a Psychologist, and an Intuitive functioning at an extremely high level and has been trained through multiple lifetimes to reach her present level of awareness. She began soul traveling consciously as a child and reached physical bi location (moving of one's body to other places and times) by age 15. So Elohar would be considered to be fully remarkable or even terrifying to some in any century even though she is a completely compassionate person and very dedicated like if you combined a psychologist with a medical doctor, with a  minister of a church who was also a governmental advisor to the world government of Earth of her world era.

If you want to read more about her growing up, training and life in the 71st century and beyond click on:

dragonofcompassion - Elohar

I, as Jonathan then spoke up, "Elohar. We've made it ten years! How wonderful!" Jonathan and Elohar embraced as son and mother and friends through the ages.

Elohar said, "When I was about 17 and I came and saw you in 2010 on the second time line we had no idea in our time that a second time line existed. But then my heart took me back to you in your 2nd timeline and I knew it existed. Even King Interlaken didn't know it existed then. But when I came to 2010 I knew I had to tell people when I lived about it in our government and I knew I must be instrumental somehow in creating it. Though this scared me it also showed me my life's work to come and put me in the Royal Court and family of King Interlaken, the de facto King of my world era and time line."

All 7 of us from the second time line of 2011 then on September 10th were kind of mesmerized by listening to someone not only from the future but from a different time line than our own.

 My wife said, "I've heard Jonathan speak often about all this but I sort of thought it was just creative license for him as an author, so I feel very privileged  to be here now to witness the truth of it firsthand. Will I remember this?"

Elohar said, "Do you want to remember it?"

My Wife said, "I would like to say yes but I don't know what it would do to my present world view or psychology."

Elohar said, "Then first you will remember it as a dream. And then you can either choose to realize it was all true or not as you wish."

My wife said, "What would be best for me?"

Elohar said, "I can't answer that. Only you can. Only you can know how much truth you can stand."

Note: I decided to add two word buttons so you could read more about who Jonathan is in relation to King Interlaken and His Oneness, Elohar and Ragna, Arcane and all the rest. Memories 1thru 11 at the dragonofcompassion site give you all the descriptions in the course of the online free book. Jonathan Flow below gives you much of what I have written about Jonathan Flow in the last 30 years or so.

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dragonofcompassion - Jonathan Flow



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How King3 displaced Lake Tahoe's Waters:Technical worksheet

Since the World Government of the 7000 Ad range has time travel that originated on earth during the 1930s from offworlders helping keep governments more stable during and after World War II and eliminating the possibility of really serious nuclear accidents(really serious meaning no human life or not much human life remaining as in a relatively within 100 year return to the stone age) they have developed by the 7000 AD range military sophistication regarding time travel. One such sophistication is learning what to do with the displaced water from a  Time Ship as big as the Queen Mary under Lake Tahoe.

This is how it is done without alarming any present earth government. First, time is displaced and in that (no time) a volume equal to the displacement of the Queen Mary(old ship now located in Long Beach Harbor) is temporarily removed from ordinary time. So that displaced water including any fish or life is removed from this time and put into a stasis time or no time. Then while time is stationary here on earth Time3 which has a displacement almost equal to the Queen Mary fills the now empty no time spot in the shape of Time3 located under the surface of Lake Tahoe. The result is that when time is turned back on there is not one ripple on any shore or any notice through radar or any other technical readout of any change in Lake Tahoe whatsoever. So that even though it is easier to do all this under cover of clouds, snow, mist or rain, it is not necessary to do it that way and all calculations are executed by sentient computer. All the human in command has to do is express his or her wish that it be done.

note: the above is in regard to:
Jonathan Flow in South Lake Tahoe

Please click"Jonathan Flow in South" above if you want to here more above the ongoing adventures of Jonathan Flow.

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