Sunday, April 2, 2017

Political Correctness does not allow people to make mistakes

In this sense it reminds me a lot of the problems of smaller Protestant Christian Sects. Though you have problems like this in Catholicism mostly they have learned from just how bad the inquisition was as they killed thousands and thousands of people by burning them at the stake or other ways, often midwifes were considered witches and done away with because they were herbalists and healers and delivered babies. But way back when women were not supposed to have any knowledge at all and if they did have real  knowledge often they were killed for it.

So, much like this, Political Correctness in some ways harms women even more than men throughout their lives.

The problem that created political correctness was a real one. Political correctness tries to prevent murders of opposing ethnic groups or religions. So, the ideal of political correctness is a good one.

But, the story I like to tell which is the problem of political correctness in the end is a complete lack of honesty. This is the story I like to tell which illustrates the real problem of political Correctness:

A man is walking down the street in the dark and steps in dog shit. But there are 100 more people following him down this street. If he is practicing political correctness he cannot say he stepped in dog shit or he would be criticized by the 100 people following him. So, 100 people step in dog shit and no one says a word and they all track it into their homes.

This is the perfect illustration of what political correctness actually brings into people's lives.

So, though I admire people trying to prevent violence and murders between ethnic groups "how many people got sick from the dog shit they all tracked into their homes? and how far spread did this whole dog shit thing go and how much easier would it have been for the 1st man simply to say to everyone "Hey! There's dog shit here don't step in it!"

This is why people like Putin who is not Politically correct at all laugh at people in Europe and the U.S.  and think they are weak and crazy and should just be taken advantage of.

It is one of the reasons we are losing our democracy to Putin right now these past few years!

And what is the karma of a nation or nations practicing political correctness? Presidents like Trump who are liars who take political correctness beyond white lies to outright unabashed lies!

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