Sunday, April 2, 2017

Trying to download photos from an iphone to an older macbook pro

I just found out that I have to have a high enough level of Itunes on board my macbook pro and I cannot download that high of a level of Itunes in order to download onto my older macbook pro the photos I took today on my IPhone 7plus. When I left home for Lake Tahoe I thought I would be smart and bring my older macbook pro so in case anything happened to it at least I wouldn't be worried about losing my new Macbook pro I bought myself recently. However, when I wanted to download pictures first it said I couldn't download because my phone was password protected. But, I disabled that recently because unless I'm doing into a dangerous situation where my phone might be stolen that isn't necessary for me, and at my age where I go and what I do I'm pretty careful anyway because I'm already 68 and because of all the things I have survived already in my life.

So, to make a long story short the photos I wanted to download onto this site from Lake Tahoe I couldn't share this evening because it says I need to download a higher level of Itunes that cannot be downloaded onto my older macbook pro. Also, it says my phone is password protected even though I disabled that function because I didn't see it as being presently useful to me the way I presently live my life.

As things become more and more complex and we are asked as users and owners of devices to do things that are not in our best interests it makes me believe that one day someone is just going to have had enough of all this and will build an EMP generator which would make everything electrical or electronic stop working permanently. You know it is coming within 100 to 300 years when we go back to the stone age. You just don't know exactly when that is going to happen. But the more unnecessary bullshit vendors make us do that isn't in our own best interests the quicker that day will come.

It is inevitable, we just don't know when that is going to happen when all electronics will be gone and inoperative. And then I could see someone setting off their worldwide EMP generator or generators once every month or so to destroy every electrical or electronic device on earth that people were repairing or building so they wouldn't work either.

It is coming sometime in the next 100 to 300 to 500 years (if there are any human beings left alive to do this by then) (after the first technological singularity).

The first Technological Singularity I believe will occur sometime between 2025 and 2050 at this point. It all depends upon how fast technology is allowed to increase in complexity to where one device like a smartphone is equal to all human minds on earth in one device and that costs $1000.

Imagine if 2/3 of the people on earth had the intellectual power of everyone on earth in their smartphone? This is hard to imagine but easier to if you think of how much has changed since 1980 for example.

Now imagine a progression about 10 to 1000 times faster in the next 20 to 30 years!

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