Sunday, April 2, 2017

Every President is elected for a reason

It is important to consider how Trump Got elected. He got elected by speaking to people like they speak to each other at a middle class or poor level to each other. The people who elected Trump often had never voted for anyone else in their entire lifetime. Often they had never finished High School or even have gone to high school maybe at all. So, to people who have had to struggle all their lives just to get a job and to survive at all, Trump was someone who spoke their language.

To people thinking this way (and in public school I met a lot of people like this in grade school by the way) they don't necessarily use critical thinking (at least in the way you are taught now in most colleges in the U.S.

So, often people like this think more like victims who really haven't had a chance in life for success. So, they elected Trump because whether he was lying to them or not they understood what he was saying to them. Half the time they couldn't even understand the polished politicians that they KNEW we lying to them in ways that they might not be able to ferret out not having gone to college and having learned Critical thinking themselves at any point unless it was such a horrendous mistake they almost had died from it.

So, understanding that the people (30% to 37%) in this country are likely going to be loyal to Trump to the death.

But, you have to understand that these people also might have been forced to join a gang as children or they would have been killed or tortured.

My parents for example, didn't want me to go to the junior High I was going to go to.  because of the gang in the Junior high there that wore t-shirts and khaki pants and all had switchblade knives in their boots ready for a knife fight then around 1960 when I graduated Grade School and went to junior high.

So, I knew how to talk to poor people because about half my class in grade school was poor. I was lower middle class then but then my parents moved me to an upper class junior high across town to keep me away from the gangs.

So, many I went to school in Grade school with didn't have parents that were as smart or as financially independent or who owned a business or who ran a church in Los Angeles for 6 years from the time I was 6 to 12 years old.

So, what I'm saying here is I understand how tortured people are when they don't have what they need in life as children.

But, you need to know that people who suffered the most in life are the ones most likely to vote for Trump.

They believe in conspiracy theories too! So, this isn't unusual to them at all to believe in conspiracy theories.

This was my experience going from a grade school to an upper class junior high school. in my grade school you could be friends with anyone but you might have to fight them and get bloody first. You had to demonstrate first that you were tough enough to stand your ground.

Then I went to an upper class public junior high school but here there was no fighting. There were clicks and if you fought and were caught you were expelled immediately. However, you couldn't break into the rich clicks because these had been going on since Grade school.

So, which was better? having to fight to make friends or being shut out completely because you weren't rich enough to fit into one of their clicks since grade school?

As an adult I learned a college education is a great equalizer. I learned to talk like an educated person and have ATTITUDE like an empowered educated person and to never back down if the circumstances allowed that, especially when I had my own businesses starting at age 28. So, we all pay our dues but if you don't get to go to college often you don't learn what you need to know to be a success in life. Mostly it is a bluff and a way of speaking to people in the end.

But, having been through all this it leaves me with a kind heart for all people rich or poor worldwide because of what I have seen already in my life.

But, I worry Trump has never been poor enough to come to understand their pain, not really. For him, I believe it's more of an act taught to him by his father.

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