Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The concept of Microfluidics reminds me of Terminator 2 Liquid Metal Terminator

    What is interesting to me is that microfluidics reminds me of the Liquid Metal Terminator sent through time against Arnold in Terminator 2. At the time I thought this was interesting simply because some metals are solid at some temperatures and liquid at other temperatures.
    Best Answer:  -38.87 celcius or -37.966 farenheit for solid
    356.58 celcius or 673.844 farenheit for gas
    i would assume that it becoms a liquid at the same temp as solid.
    ashley c · 9 years ago 
    So for example, we know Mercury becomes a solid at -37.966 Fahrenheit and as temperatures rise it also likely becomes a liquid at that temperature too. So, this always intrigued me regarding the Terminator 2 LIquid Metal Terminator who could change forms to suit his needs and ooze through jail bars when it suited him or turn into multiple shapes and sizes along the way.  

    Imagine with Mercury for example,  if you found a way to have your printed circuits survive from liquid to solid metal and maybe even into a gaseous state at 673.844 degrees? That might be a pretty mind boggling thing. So I guess what I 'm saying here is "imagine the possibilities!{ 
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