Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What I write is not science Fiction

I found a book a few years ago that is called something like. Here is it I found it:

Nothing in this book is true, But it's exactly How Things Are by Bob Frissell.

I looked at it and laughed because I realized he had something there.

But then my life took a new and different turn I got a heart virus was forced to retire (or die) and was wondering (along with my doctors) whether I was going to live or die for about 8 months.

Through the process of elimination as there was no other test for a heart virus then in 1998 and 1999 they told me in May of 1999 after being ill since September 1998 that I wasn't going to die because they had finally figured out what was wrong with me. I had had a heart virus and now my heart had repaired itself mostly and I could live a normal life. In May I would have just turned 51. And this all was sort of a complete shock at the time because I had been preparing spiritually to die for the previous 8 months even though when it started the angels came and wanted to tell me I wasn't going to die. They came when my lips had turned blue and I couldn't feel my hands much and I called my son on the phone to come take me to the emergency room in a nearby hospital. So, when you are visited by angels like I was at first I thought my life was over and so I prepared to go with these bright white angels. But no, The started saying in unison to me, "You aren't going to die. Your life will get better now!" They said this over and over again until all the cells in my body believed them. Though I have learned over time that when angels tell you something it always happens, still I'm still a human being and that is true also. So, even though I heard them I still prepared to die because how was I going to live with my lips blue and barely feeling my hands?

But, 8 months later they were right! By Fall 1999 I took my 10 year old daughter and my 80 year old mother to Scotland to show my mother and older daughter where my mother's parents were raised near Glascow before they returned to the U.S.

But, also what I had come to realize was that Souls have no connection at all (unless they want to) to time and space at all. So in reality a soul only has connection to time and space when clothed with a physical body.

This realization changed everything for me because this meant it was possible for a soul to have 1000s or even millions of simultaneous lifetimes throughout this galaxy and others. Also, it finally made sense of what I had been Writing all along since 1980 about Arcane, Elohar, Ragna and the rest.

So, I wasn't writing therapeutic Fiction since 1980 I had been writing past lives of my own and friend souls mostly in the past, present of Earth and beyond.

It isn't important to me that you believe me about all this right now. The important thing I think is that you allow for the possibility that what I'm saying is true.

Because it wasn't until I was 50 years old and only because I thought I was dying that even I figured all this out!

By God's Grace

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