Friday, April 14, 2017

What is going to happen in North Korea during the next 3 days (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

This was written around Noon Pacific Daylight time on April 14th 2017 which is a Friday.

What happens depends upon multiple variables.

But when I look down timeslines these seem to be the most likely ones that will happen.

1. If North Korea doesn't do it's proposed Nuclear Test this weekend nothing likely will change.

2. If North Korea does do it's proposed nuclear test AND South Korea (without a permanent President) signs off with the U.S. and approves a U.S. Strike.

2A Then the test and the U.S. strike occur during the next 3 days (if this happens)

Then it depends upon what agreement the U.S. and China have made and whether each of them live up to whatever agreements they have made.

3. If the strike occurs because of agreement with South Korea and hopefully with tacit non-interference approval from China, then Chinese troops may or may not move  South out of China to take possession of North Korea and it then becomes a part of China.

However, China and North Korea are wild cards at present.

Trump is not a wild card at present at all.

If a nuclear test takes place and South Korea agrees to it then the U.S. is just going to strike and everyone needs to know this right now.

The Day of Danger here I sense is Monday.

So, this is the best information that I can give the world right now.

However, if China is pissed off at the U.S. for striking North KOrea just expect a Trade war with China more specifically they will cutt off immediately all trade with the U.S.

They have already punished South Korea for wanting an anti-missile system by cutting off all tourism form China to South Korea. So, this has already happened so places like Jesu Island off the southern Coast of South Korea is suffering from no  Chinese tourists right now, even though Japanese and world tourists may or may not be there because of a potential strike by U.S. forces upon North Korean nuclear sites.

So, if China isn't happy with us for striking North Korean Nuclear sites they might stop all trade with the U.S.

However, I'm thinking that China might be grateful to end this stalemate with North Korea too, because the way it is is dangerous in some ways to China's worldwide prestige more than it is a problem for any other nation including the U.S.

However, for me, here is the problem. It's already Saturday in North and South Korea as I write this at Friday April 14th at 6:41pm  PDT because it is already 10:41 Am Saturday there in Seoul, South Korea.  So, Monday there is Sunday here in the U.S. end note.

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