Thursday, April 20, 2017

What two countries parlay the most in Nuclear Blackmail? Russia and North Korea

The difference is that Russia is responsible (along with Iran and Assad now) for 500,000 plus deaths of Sunni Muslims in Syria alone and millions of refugees moving into Europe and destabilizing it into a place (and the U.S. too) to the point where someone like Trump and possibly La Penn could be elected. In England, it caused Brexit as well as multiple other problems around the world.

However, North Korea mostly only kills it's own people with war propaganda. Instead of 40 to 60 million still being alive in North Korea only 23 million remain alive.

So, through nuclear blackmail Russia exports it's position which is creating a minority government in Syria against the popular will of the people which is Sunni and not Shia. But, Iran also has a vested interest in Iraq, Syria and Iran being Shia Muslim because these are the ONLY shia Muslim nations. The reaction to this is ISIS which is radical Sunni Muslim patterned after Wahabi Sunni Muslim ideas in Saudi Arabia which are pretty extreme.

So, the attacks on Europe by terrorists are actually in place of attacking Russia who is the most responsible for the refugee problem in the Middle East and now in Europe who are mostly Sunni Muslims.

So, the master of nuclear Blackmail is Putin and the student now is Kim Jong Un in North Korea.

Both are interested in Nuclear Blackmail.

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