Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Who will Survive on earth the next 500 years?

This is a good question.

Part of the people who are going to survive no matter what are people who read sites like mine.


Because most people online are not interested in your survival they only want to make money from you and that's all.

So, they will write and say almost anything to get you to do something, to buy something, anything. But it doesn't resemble anything true or useful at all most of the time.

Even the news is motivated by money. Look at who owns most or even all major news outlets in the country right now. What is their motivation? This is something to think about too. You might get an inkling of the truth but maybe not the main truth even listening to corporate news outlets. This is one reason why Fake News (not the kind that Trump talks about) but actual made up fake news is fed to Trump's computers and smartphones by Russians on purpose to get him to buy into conspiracy theories like he does that have no reality in any true way. But since Trump doesn't live in the real world you and I do this is what happens. And we don't know yet what happens when we have a president who lives in fantasyland and not a world of truth over the next 4 years. We don't even know if anyone is going to be alive on earth after 4 years of Trump, do we?

What is my motivation here at this site?

I want the human race not to go extinct through basic stupidity like you see oftentimes online and generally the kinds of mistakes humans make individually and en masse.

So, what I'm writing here is for the express purpose of humans NOT going extinct. What I'm writing and compiling here are ways to spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally survive whatever comes no matter what!

This is what my parents ancestors did when they came to the U.S. in 1925 up the Philadelphia River in a more modern kind of Mayflower like the Pilgrims came to America in about 100 years earlier. So, my relatives are first and foremost survivors and many of us settled the west after winning the revolutionary war.

So, I carry the motto bot taught and in my genes of "Prepare for the worst and hope for the best" which was the motto of the pioneers who settled America in constantly innovative ways that their forebears had never thought of before. Because the people who couldn't or didn't do that just died and that's all she wrote.

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