Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cyber warfare is beginning to target individuals not just countries

 Cyber warfare  is beginning to target individuals not just countries

This is quite observable at this point. I was listening to Clint Watts who just testified before the Senate intelligence committee last week and he was saying how his bank account everything he does online or in his life is vulnerable just from him testifying before the Senate intelligence committee. Think about what this means. Because he is now just as vulnerable right here in United States as soldiers are who are fighting in Iraq against ISIL. He was also saying the government doesn’t necessarily have his back. In other words he doesn’t think the Trump administration has an interest in the truth coming out about the Trump administration ever. So, this means the government might not protect him for “Being a Good Soldier”.

So even though he was testifying before the Senate intelligence committee he is now just as vulnerable financially, physically and psychologically as any soldier fighting on a battlefield in the world. I think more and more you're going to see this cyber trickle-down threat. We already see it in places like Target when there ATM system was compromised, we see it now even with chip ATM cards and credit cards because if you don't have them sheathed they are vulnerable to scanners that thieves also can build or purchase. Information about all of us online can make us vulnerable in ways that we could not even imagine 10 or 20 years ago. For example my daughters are both under 30 but they use Facebook which I would never consider using the way they do. But their point of view is that privacy doesn't exist anymore on earth. However someone from my era looks at privacy in a very  different way in that privacy used to be sacrosanct. And it only has it been taken away from us in very subtle ways one little bit at a time.   Now every computer device you own from your computer your iPad your smart phone you're smart TV your smart refrigerator you're smart toaster watches you and listens to you and  you are watched constantly and listened to by people in these companies that build these devices. Then not only that they sell this information to both competitors and to thieves and likely to murderers as well. This is just every day reality now. This is one reason why I don't really want a smart toaster or a smart refrigerator  or a Smart house.

We have all been seduced by the loss of our privacy in return for the benefits we get. But are the benefits really as good as they seem or is a loss of privacy the death of democracy, the death of financial independence, and the death of us having the Freedom do anything at all worldwide?

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