Friday, April 7, 2017

Wild Cards! Putin, Trump, Kim Jong Un!

These three wild cards are dangerous because they don't have any good boundaries. You can see they all have different versions of what I might call "PTSD" in the way they function. This makes them all pretty unpredictable. Putin's version came directly from KGB training which is bound to make someone more unpredictable. But, this unpredictability is what made both Trump and Putin presidents of their countries.

So, these are the times we live in where unpredictability gets people elected to the head of various countries.

Then we have Kim Jong Un who is basically nuts. He isn't just unpredictable he has taken on the quality of many drug lords around the world which is pathologically insane.

But hopefully he is just crazy and not stupid. But, the highest level defector so far from North Korea says he expects Kim Jong Un to actually use nuclear weapons on South Korea, Japan or the U.S. because this is just he way he is.

So, here's the really crazy thing here!

China's president might be the most level headed leader of them all in this craziness.

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