Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Getting along with Grown Daughters

Of course this is different for every man but, maybe the most important thing is to realize what all girls and women have in common.

For example, I remember making my first wife's life much more difficult than it needed to be simply because I had never lived more than a few weeks with any woman (who wasn't my mother, grandmother or aunt). So, I had nothing to compare it to when I was 25 and 26. So, my 2nd wife I realized all the things all women have in common better (when you live with them) and was more understanding this time. We lived together as man and wife for 14 years and now I have been with my 3rd wife for 23 years now and we have a 21 year old daughter in common.

So, the more you understand what you are actually dealing with the better off you are going to be.

The main problem is (at least in the U.S.) you cannot tell your daughters what to do after they are 18. So, you have to make a relationship with them that is more like friends I find to make this work if you are going to travel with them across country.

You aren't going to agree on everything. After all, their experience of life is not yours. So, first of all you have to be very careful what you say to them. For example, this article I wrote might be helpful for talking to adult daughters over 20 right now here in the U.S.:
Can I talk to you about this?

Yes. I appears now days you have to ask them if you can talk to them about things. This wasn't this way when I was in the 1950s when you just sort of blurted out whatever you were going to say as a man and everyone sort of had to deal with whatever it was.

However, now women have more rights in polite conversations so you have to ask them whether they want to talk about something or not which confuses the hell out of me because to try to change this drastically how one thinks and talks at age 70 isn't easy (to say the least).

But, supposedly, you aren't supposed to just blurt stuff out of the blue anymore to your daughters. Other people might just put up with is but if your daughters are educated like mine are they are going to hold your "Feet to the fire" if you don't ask permission first.

So, even though I go along with this I don't agree with it at all because I see most changes these days as not better (just all screwed up in a completely different way than the way things were screwed up in the 1950s.) when I grew up.

So, from my point of view "Life was a mess in the 1950s and now it's just a different kind of mess, not better just different."

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