Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I was looking at this article

835,000 plus 1300 plus visits to intuitivefred888

My views started to skyrocket about 2011 when the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami happened and I advocated Crowd Sourcing with Geiger Counters since NO governments were being honest with anyone regarding the radiation levels after Fukushima. This I think made people take my website more seriously around the world because they realized I was trying to help people all over the world in whatever way I could. My readership has grown in leaps and bounds since this time. It likely slowly has grown since I first started this site but now it amazes me how far this all has gone and could go.

I don't advertise at this site so it allows me more freedom of what I can put here. So, I don't earn a penny for this site and it is considered a non-profit website that exists as a public service worldwide wherever Google Goes worldwide.

Later note on Wednesday July 19th 2017
I think I calculated that if present visit levels continue I will reach 2 million views likely within 3 months time.

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