Friday, July 7, 2017

I'm not sure this article on California Earthquakes is actually helpful or not

Californians need to be so afraid of a huge earthquake that they take action, scientists say


For example, if you read this article it is sort of geared to make everyone scared. Mostly, I have found in my life being scared is not useful (unless a car or truck is about to hit you on the road) or something like this. 

Most of the time it just isn't useful to be scared at all. I think it might be useful if you are a man or woman and you are getting married. This might be really useful if you aren't with the right person or you don't have a good job, own a business and don't have your financial act together.

So, worrying about earthquakes is a lot like worrying about being stuck by lightning. I have lived mostly in California through many many 5.0 or above earthquakes and only once did I think I was going to actually die for sure in the 1971 San Fernando Quake when the quake just went on forever and ever it seemed like. But, I didn't die even then. So, since 1953 I have lived (Mostly in Southern California where most of the worst earthquakes have occurred except for a few bad ones like in 1989 in San Francisco "Loma Prieta Earchquake") and I never was seriously injured in ANY earthquake beyond a bruised ego, some scratches from being thrown against walls or the floor or things falling off of walls onto me. So, why do you want to be afraid of earthquakes?

It's sort of like being afraid of Tornadoes. You might build a shelter or look for somewhere like a freeway underpass to stand so you aren't sucked up into one, but basically beyond that if they happen they happen and you cannot stop them no matter what you do. AND you have no idea where they are going to hit or what entirely to plan for.

For example, if it is like in 2012 in Los Angeles in the Movie "2012" all you might do is to take off in a plane or "kiss your ass goodbye" so being afraid even then isn't really useful.

It's true things can be destroyed but as long as you survive it all maybe that's all that's really important in the end?

That's how I see it. 

Also, name one really big earthquake in California  since 2000 AD that people actually died in.

That's right you can't. So far only a maximum of 7 people have died since 2000 in earthquakes in California. I think the 1906 San Francisco quake killed 3000 people though.


Date Area M
MMI Deaths Injuries Total damage / notes
2014-08-24 North Bay 6.0 Mw VIII 1 ~200 $362 million–$1 billion
2014-03-28 Los Angeles Area 5.1 Mw VI
Few $10.8 million [7]
2010-04-04 Baja California 7.2 Mw VII 2–4 100–233 $1.15 billion
2010-01-09 North Coast 6.5 Mw VI
35 $21.8–43 million
2008-07-29 Los Angeles Area 5.5 Mw VI
8 Limited
2007-10-30 South Bay 5.6 Mw VI

2003-12-22 Central Coast 6.6 Mw VIII 2 40 $250–300 million
2000-09-03 North Bay 5.0 Mw VII
41 $10–50 million
1906-04-18 NorthernCentral 7.8 Mw XI 3000
Conflagration / tsunami






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