Friday, July 7, 2017

Reassuring other people when they are stressed

Sometimes if you are a very strong presence like myself it is really important to telepathically reassure people as you walk by. For me, it is because I am 6 foot 5 inches tall and if I'm not smiling then often people might get scared of someone as big as me walking by. So, telepathically, usually when I'm at my closest to them I say something like (in my mind) "Hey Dude, It's okay. Nothing to be a afraid of." This usually does the trick and often I see their shoulders relax when I do this.

Other times it is completely about safety. Often people are going through hell in their lives because of divorce, death in the family or other things and they become distracted as drivers of vehicles. So, often I will look and notice someone is not in their body right to be a safe driver and I will often Scream in my mind, "Hey! I'm Here!" this often causes a jerk to their heads and they look right at me, so I feel safer then that they are not going to run into the side of my car because they didn't know I was there before. So, this is what I might call "psychic defensive driving". It often isn't enough to be a defensive driver these days because so many are so upset about so many things in their lives.

So, you have to  (if you are capable of it) telepathically shout at some people (not in an offensive way) but still psychically loud enough to wake them up out of wherever they are into someone safe enough to be driving a car (at least when you pass by).

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