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Lake Siskiyou - Wikipedia

  1. When I was young about age 16 this lake wasn't there just one the headwaters of the Sacramento River. Though they say the spring at mt. Shasta City park is the headwaters,  likely the tributaries leading to Lake Siskiyou make more sense if you look at a map of the Sacramento River since many tributaries come into the Sacramento River and below the Dam at lake Siskiyou IS the Sacramento River where I used to Inner tube sections of it that weren't too rough even though the last time I did this I almost didn't survive it because I didn't pull out of the river before rapids began soon enough, grabbed a limb on a willow tree and the current pulled me under the water and my inner tube was long gone soon also. So, after being underwater for up to a minute struggling with the current finally I got enough of my body out so I could breathe once again and finally exhausted I climbed out never to inner tube on the Sacramento river there ever again.

    Also, Lake Siskiyou when I was 16 was just the Sacramento River then and that was all. The dam wasn't built until later. I was 16 in 1964. Then some friends of mine were racing a VW bug versus a MG midget down from Castle lake I was in the behind the seats of the MG midget and riding sideways without a seat belt when we came upon this 1 lane bridge across the river. I remember screaming to the drivers that we couldn't both go across 2 abreast but we did anyway with only a couple of inches to spare on either side. One of the craziest moments of my life that I actually survived. Now days I go to the lake sometimes to swim because it is still warmer than Castle Lake at 6000 feet to swim 10 miles away. This lake is around 3185 feet in elevation(Lake Siskiyou).


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    Lake Siskiyou - Wikipedia
    Lake Siskiyou is a reservoir formed by Box Canyon Dam on the Sacramento River, in far northern California, near the town of Azalea, California. It is the site of ... 

      Lake Siskiyou | Beach & Camp
      Welcome to Lake Siskiyou Beach and Camp, located on the southwest side of Lake Siskiyou facing majestic Mount Shasta. With panoramic views of the incredible Shasta ...
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      Lake Siskiyou

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      Lake Siskiyou
      Mount Shasta 8-4-2007.jpg
      with Mount Shasta in the distance.
      Location Siskiyou County, California
      Coordinates 41°17′00″N 122°20′21″WCoordinates: 41°17′00″N 122°20′21″W
      Type reservoir
      Primary inflows Sacramento River
      Primary outflows Sacramento River
      Basin countries United States

      Surface area 430 acres (170 ha)[1]
      Water volume 26,000 acre·ft (32,000,000 m3)[1]
      Surface elevation 3,185 ft (971 m)

      Settlements Mount Shasta, California
      Lake Siskiyou is a reservoir formed by Box Canyon Dam[1] on the Sacramento River, in far northern California, near the town of Azalea, California.[2] It is the site of local recreation, as well as being used for watershed protection and flood control.
      Satellite view

      Wagon Creek Bridge

      In Late 2010 a walking bridge over the wagon creek inlet was completed, finishing a trail that wraps around the entire lake. The cost of the bridge was $2.8 Million, funding was obtained from the McConnell Foundation, The State of California and federal stimulus funds. The McConnell Foundation also provided funds for the Sundial Bridge in Redding, California.[3]

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