Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Why I don't want autonomous heaters, toasters, refrigerators etc.

There is a funny episode on "Silicon Valley" on HBO about autonomous Refrigerators where the operating system of the Pied Piper company gets downloaded onto thousands of refrigerators so they don't lose their business but this happens by accident when their servers fall out of a rental truck because someone forgot to close the back door. So, they still have their business run illegally through the autonomous refrigerators. Is this possible?

Sort of.

This might be one of a 1000 reasons why I don't want an autonomous car, toaster, refrigerator, heater, or anything else because it could easily be programmed against you without your knowledge including smart TVs that act like cameras upon those watching them. So, you could be sitting there being intimate with  your significant other and someone in China or Russia or Ukraine is recording you and your partner doing almost anything and then putting it on the Internet for everyone to see.

So, I"m not thrilled with Autonomous heaters, cars, toasters or anything else because it is just dangerous and that's all potentially.

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