Monday, July 10, 2017

Made it to Portland, Oregon

We were out near a boat launching road at the beach of the Willamette River today this evening in Portland, It was dusk so we found a place to park so we could walk the path through the grass in the parks near the river for awhile. After driving most of the day to get here from Ashland (since around noon) after having a late breakfast we arrived close to sundown, so by dusk after checking into our hotel we were walking along the Willamette River at dusk. The weather slowly dropped in temperature from the 90s of Mt. Shasta Yesterday morning to mostly 80s (high and low as we traveled north to Portland). It was good weather and traffic mostly wasn't that heavy and we even timed it right to not hit Rush hour traffic and arrived at our hotel around 7pm I think. Alls Wells that ends well.

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