Sunday, July 16, 2017

My father taught me to fast while I was still a teenager

I started fasting in my teens and did more of it in my 20s and 30s. But, by age 44 I found fasting wasn't working for me anymore because I started to have to deal with low blood sugar and fasting and low blood sugar can be a problem together. However, the longest fast I did in my 20s was going 7 days on only water, lemon juice to cut the acetone which might give you a headache otherwise and maple syrup to give me enough energy to continue to function for 7 days. But, the lemon juice was ONLY to prevent bad headaches while fasting. 

My favorite fasts in my 30s were 4 day Organic Apple Juice Fasts which I found to be the most spiritual in NATURE  where my senses opened up the most if I was in a beautiful place like in the desert or mountains (somewhere beautiful and naturally spiritual.)

Then I realized I didn't want to be like many people who got plaque in their veins and arteries who need Heart bypass operations, So, even though I never did a 30 day Organic Watermelon fast I did to yearly 4 day Organic Watermelon only fasts. IN fact, one of these fasts helped cause my present 28 year old daughter who is amazing. Her mother and I both were doing a 4 day Watermelon Fast at the Beach in Oceanside California at a family Beach house there that our extended family owned then.

So, fasting (if you can handle it) and keep your blood sugar in balance can increase your health in various different ways.

One of the interesting things about Fasting is that your body exerts 90% of it's energy digesting food.

So, when you are not eating food your body heals itself. This is a normal process for a human body.

However, if you are too skinny and have nothing for your body to live on during this Healing time then this can be a problem too. So, fasting isn't for everyone. You have to know whether this will help you or hurt you with your present metabolism.

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