Monday, July 17, 2017

Portland to Mt. Shasta

We left at about noon from Portland after having a late breakfast and headed south to Mt. Shasta as my younger daughter has to move out of her San Francisco home by the end of the month and then prepare to move to Portland with her sister. So, I'm driving my younger daughter home mostly because she doesn't like to fly but also because I get to spend more time with her. This is the most time my two daughters and I have spent together in their whole lives without at least my wife or other people along. So, if you are almost 70 years old and a man who is their father and they are 21 and 28 years old just expect this might be both a good and a bad thing at once. (and it was). Because I have to change enough into the present to satisfy my daughters but they have to respect me enough for this whole thing to work at all. But, somehow we all love each other enough to try really hard and we wound up with a really amazing experience that reminded me a little of going to "Daddy Boot Camp" in some ways and in other ways  "A Great Time with my girls" traveling in California and Oregon as far north as the Columbia River this time. IN other words these are not "Daddy's little Girls" anymore they are grown women both of them and I have to forge a healthy adult relationship with both of them to make this whole thing work right.

And as difficult as it was at times I think I was successful here in creating adult bonding with my daughters so they could rely not only on each other more but also upon me and I could also rely more on them to be there for me when it counts. And also to help them to rely upon each other in all sorts of  situations too.

Because I just turned 69 what do I have left 10, 20 or 30 years at best? or more? So, they have to be okay without me around too if it comes to that.

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