Saturday, July 8, 2017

Trump is the best -- and worst -- thing that's happened to feminism (and Political Correctness)

I don't really know where feminism is going. At present I see it as the death of everything male that I grew up to believe in the 1950s into a world of unisex people who are pretty confused on multiple levels and likely will be for the next 500 to 700 years until we find out whether all this is a complete mistake or not.

Feminism like a lot of things I see as a social experiment. Will the western world survive it?

Possibly not because people like Putin likely will use it against us to destroy us because it makes us weak because we no longer know who we are as men in this world.

So, will feminism and POlitical correctness together destroy us in the western world?

If you look at how Putin is manipulating the western media already we might have already lost.

Whenever people make transitions they are vulnerable. So, it is likely that the "Old Ways" will destroy those of the "New Ways" now.

It's like when any animal or human being is undergoing metamorphosis they are vulnerable and can be eaten up then by other predators like Putin.

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