Monday, July 3, 2017

When Money comes into any religion lies come in too

It's interesting how this happens but I have seen it now all my life in that money brings lies into every religion, especially at a church doctrinal level.

Minsters and priests need to be financially supported so they tell various kinds of lies in order to be financially supported worldwide in every church. And even though those lies support those ministers and churches by making the "Faithful" give money to the lives of the priests and ministers and churches around the world they do great great damage to the souls of all mankind.

Because by coming between God and his people they blaspheme the name of God by lying to the people of churches all over the world.

What is the primary lie?

The primary lie is that only people in that one religion or church will ever go to heaven and all the rest will go to hell.

This is the primary motivating factor of people giving money to churches (so they won't go to hell).

So, when viewed in this way any churches telling their people that anyone not in their church goes to hell is a reason for those ministers and priests
 teaching this to go to hell themselves.

How insidious and crazy is this?

But, never the less it is a fact of life both in the here and in the hereafter.

So, finding a way to tell people the truth rather than to lie to them is the road to actual heaven.

However, there is one more factor here. Going to hell is based upon motivation so it gets even more tricky.

So, likely only those who know the truth of what I speak and then lie to people anyway might go to hell because of lying ot people when they know the truth.

However, there is always "Ignorance of the Law is no excuse".

For example, if you are doing something illegal driving a car in the U.S. just because you are from another country and don't know that law doesn't mean you won't be punished for it either.

So, there are many ways to look at this I guess.

So, each of us must be very careful in regard to what we tell other people. If we know the truth and then lie to people and bad consequences occur we should expect karma from this.

Another interesting thing I find I deal with more now than when I was younger.

I used to think that sincerity was everything.

But, now I have learned that people who are sincere often are lying to themselves.

So, it doesn't matter how sincere a person is if they are lying to themselves because even if they are sincere with you (when they are lying to themselves) truth will never be the result of this interaction.

So, many people's lives are ONLY a LIE! not because they want to be lying but because the person they trust is lying to themselves.

So, unless you meet people with actual integrity one's life often is just a "Web of Lies" even if they don't know it at the time.

So, aligning yourself with sane rational people who actually tell the truth not only to themselves but to others is how you actually can have a life with usefulness and meaning.

And learning how to ferret out the truth from everyone including yourself is the path of integrity
and by doing this you avoid the insanity of finding yourself trapped in a web of lies.

Here's a clue in all this: extreme trauma often creates lies in ones life. They can be temporary or they can be permanent. So, being able to ferret out the truth is often a matter of life and death for everyone involved.

Good luck in your search for the Truth

By God's Grace

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