Thursday, July 13, 2017

You and I all live within a Grave Paradox

You can interpret the word grave as (Very Serious)
Or you can interpret the word Grave as in (he was buried in a grave)

The paradox for me is: "is being humane more important than the survival of the human race here on earth?"

This is the paradox we all live in right now. Because our very humanity and helpfulness to each other as humans is driving us extinct.

In the past, people just weren't as nice as people are now in the western world. But, basic values made more sense than now as well.

Our very indulgence into rights for every person and type of being on earth is also leading to human extinction. I can see it in the time lines and I feel completely torn apart by it.

There is a saying "Ignorance is Bliss!"

I saw this in the lives sometimes of completely uneducated people I saw in India and Nepal who had never gone to school a day in their lives. One of the single happiest people I observed over there in 1985 and 1986 was a crippled boy who could only walk on one leg and two arms so he scrambled laughing crablike to see the elephants bathe in the river with the crocodiles. So, tell me his life wasn't a paradox too.

So, our very humanity is driving us extinct as human beings at this time in this century on earth.

Not forcing everyone to be limited to two children each and no more is also driving us extinct.

However, the corruption of Trump and his family is also the death of democracy here on earth sort of if Al Capone was our new leader and dictator. You can see the writing on the wall.

Our democracy is doomed it looks like right now.

And maybe democracy for the human race might be doomed too.

And maybe human rights at this point might be doomed too.

Because there are just too many people and too many terrorists without jobs and there is now NO humane way not to go extinct.

And it makes me want to throw up.

And I long at this point for:

"Ignorance is Bliss!"

Knowledge is Responsibility!" is what you and I are experiencing right now.

It's awful. It's painful. And it's very real right about now!

HOWEVER, When Tibetan Lamas explained to me what enlightenment was and is they described it as knowing everything good and bad in the world to the point where you want to throw up from the bad and still doing the right thing for yourself and all mankind.

So, if you can do this without committing suicide then maybe you are enlightened.

By God's Grace

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