Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Purpose of Enlightenment

To me, at this point, the purpose of enlightenment is to use this enlightenment for the betterment of all mankind here on earth and beyond.

What is enlightenment?

It is everything useful during your lifetime.

It is everything useful you learn both awake and asleep and daydreaming and traveling the world, thinking in your room, doing your job, going to school.

It is everything useful and compassionate that might help mankind survive whatever they might face.

But then, the whole trouble might be getting anyone to listen to you at all.

So, I have learned you cannot force anyone to learn anything in life.

The best you can do is be a good example of what you believe in and sometimes people are going to learn from that.

But, you cannot really teach anyone anything. They have to want to learn it for themselves.

There really is NO FORCED Learning.

Otherwise they are learning something you don't expect and don't want.

So people who live their loves and passions likely live the longest in life.

So, it really isn't useful to stop people from doing whatever they want to do as long as it's constructive.

So, enlightenment is all these things and more.

whatever useful things you learn and integrate into your lives are a part of your personal enlightenment and the enlightenment of all beings that follow you in time and space.

By God's Grace

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